Baltic Geospatial Information Technology Conference

8 - 9 June 2023
University of Latvia

Who we are

The conference is organized by the representatives from each Baltic state – the Latvia’s GIS Association, the Estonian Geoinformatics Society, and the Lithuanian Cartographic Society in cooperation with our conference partners and supporters.

State of the Map Baltics 2023 has joined Baltic Geospatial Information Technology Conference 2023. OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project to create a free and open-source map of the world, created and maintained by a community of volunteers.

What we do

The Baltic Geospatial Information Technology Conference is a unique cooperation among Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in order to organise a regional industry event that fosters cross-border collaboration in the field of geospatial information technology. Apart from exchanging experiences to expand knowledge and innovation, as well as exploring market growth opportunities, the goal is to build a common view and vision for the development of the industry in the Baltic region.

We stand with Ukraine and its people until the victory.


Why attend

The BGITC is an event for anyone who is interested in geospatial information technologies – be it students, researchers from universities, representatives from corporations, government institutions and municipalities or entrepreneurs.

Throughout the day, you will have an opportunity to:

  • tune into speakers – both local and international – at any of the several parallel sessions
  • meet and exchange ideas with GIT advocates, professionals and enthusiasts


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Day 1
08 Jun 2023
Day 2
09 Jun 2023
08:30 - 09:00

Registration and morning coffee

Satellite imagery and AI: A powerful combination

Satellite imagery has such an important role in monitoring everything from weather patterns to natural disasters. AI can help us to analyze satellite imagery in ways that were never before possible....
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John Abel

Opportunities and challenges for data-based smart city solutions

Data-based smart city solutions offer opportunities for improved urban development and resource allocation through data-driven decision-making. However, various challenges should be addressed while creating the right ecosystem and choosing the...
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Guna Datava

GEO driven decision making: facilitating a Geo-Spatially enablement of operational and data driven practices

Today’s organization’s reality is that we are still living in data silos. GIS and Business data are disconnected which leads to manual operations, inconsistent business processes and decision latency. Miquel...
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Miquel Carbo
10:50 - 11:10

Coffee Break

New capabilities offered by the WorldView Legion constellation to support informed decisions

The WorldView Legion constellation is a fleet of six high-performance satellites offering high-agility point collects for monitoring and large area collects for mapping missions, enabling more persistent monitoring, near real-time...
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Ossi Karjalainen

OSMF board – what are they even doing?

Download presentation slides
Mateusz Konieczny

Satellite Imagery Analysis for Coastal Erosion Assessment of Latvia

Coastal erosion is a global issue with significant economic and environmental consequences. Latvia, with more than 500 km long coastline consisting of loose, sandy sediments, is one of the countries...
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Viesturs Zandersons

OSM from beginners perspective: first impressions

What’s the first impression of a person starting to use OSM? It seems that everything’s done already and there’s nothing to contribute. However, the deeper you get into the woods,...
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Regita Zeila

Tackling Climate Change with the Help of Satellite Imagery: the Case of Azerbaijan Illustrated by the 2022 Climate Change Report

It is no secret that today, climate change is one of the most significant challenges posed to the humanity. Certainly, the role of space monitoring and remote sensing in tackling...
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Farhad Huseynov

OpenStreetMap data Quality assurance in Lithuania

OpenStreetMap data is changing every minute by ever-changing group of mappers. Changes are used in numerous products. This requires continuous process of Quality assurance to decrease the probability of product...
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Tomas Straupis
12:40 - 14:00

Lunch break

LVM GEO Data Cube for Earth Observation Data

There are several challenges while working with EO data even for small projects. The main ones are the amount of data, required processing resources and data management. Andrejs will share...
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Andrejs Zubanics

5G as part of GIS

Download presentation slides
Armands Meirans

Machine learning in spatial predictive modelling: challenges and opportunities

Spatial modelling involves predicting and mapping the distribution of environmental variables across geographic areas, such as precipitation, and soil organic carbon. Machine learning can be a powerful tool in helping...
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Evelyn Uuemaa

European iron age hillforts mapping, 3D modeling, resurveying and historical open data

I will present my project, that first planned as Latvian iron age hillforts mapping, but grew and now transformed to European iron age hillforts mapping and 3D modeling project
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Gatis Kalniņš

Plèiades Neo & OneAtlas – a shift in paradigm for remote sensing

Plèiades NEO, with 30 cm resolution, has unlocked a new era in space based remote sensing. New capabilities means new opportunities and new use cases. However, data is only as...
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Joe Cotti

GIS – open and (un)simple for small utility companies

The presentation will showcase the InfraPlace team’s experience in helping small utility companies use open source (QGIS) software to solve everyday challenges. We think that there are no too small...
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Kostas Gruzas
15:30 - 15:50

Coffee Break

LVM GEO – commercial and open source technologies

Download presentation slides
Katrina Amerika
Rolands Rihters

Application of spatial conservation prioritisation for proposal of protected areas extension in Latvia

The presentation will explore the application of spatial conservation prioritization in proposing extensions to protected areas in Latvia. Spatial conservation prioritization is a decision-making tool that identifies priority areas for...
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Ivo Vinogradovs

The highest hill summits in Latvia based on LiDAR data

Review of the highest hill summits in Latvia by Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia based on LiDAR data. Download presentation slides
Dāvis Kļaviņš

Digital twin. Riga city example.

While a digital twin, in its simplest sense, can be a virtual (digital) model of a physical object, when we look at a whole city it can be much more...
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Ivars Bergmanis

Importance of open source in teaching GIS: let’s build something from scratch

We will present our experience in teaching GIS courses with open source software at Vilnius University. During the study process we use methodology – build a system from scratch. This...
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Rita Viliuviene
Andrius Balciunas
09:00 - 09:30

Morning Coffee

Inspired by satellite data

ESTHub as local collaborative hub of Copernicus has developed an app for anyone interested in satellite data – Satiladu. Two years of existence have produced interesting user stories. Satiladu would...
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Triin Tajur

How to get points of interest from OSM

This talk is exactly what it says on the tin: I want to extract restaurants or shops or train stations from OpenStreetMap. Or every POI there is. How do I...
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Ilya Zverev

Implementation of INSPIRE in Lithuania: experience with the transition to foss4g

In this presentation we will share our experience of transition from commercial software to FOSS4G both from technological and company/team perspectives. We will present the technological architecture we use to...
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Rita Viliuviene
Andrius Balciunas

Updating addresses in Latvia

Semi-automated updating of addresses in Latvia using open data published by the State Land Service. Download presentation slides
Dāvis Kļaviņš

Roadside data to better practices – GIT in road consultancy

The lifecycle of streets and roads requires careful planning and thought-out construction followed by sensible maintenance. How to make this happen efficiently is something where Teede Tehnokeskus comes in. There...
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Tanel Jairus

Building an Enterprise GIS with Open Source software

I’ll share some practical tips and tricks for managing an enterprise GIS workflow with FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial). I will present some common Enterprise GIS architectures...
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Pekka Sarkola

GIS meets Business: let’s make it happen!

Aleksandrs will cover several use cases by providing business solution demonstrations and synergy with GIS data: Asset Management, Field Service Management, Real-estate Management, Transportation Management, Tree sickness and Autonomous Operations....
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Aleksandrs Popovs

TomTom’s cooperation and contribution in OpenStreetMap

Community & Partnership team builds TomTom brand in OSM world, for better cooperation – better map data, sharing sources, knowledge and best practices. Presentation covers our cooperative actions and our...
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Tomasz Kozlowski
11:30 - 13:00

Lunch break

The Role of GIS in the Digitalization of Rail Baltica Construction Supervision

Rail Baltica is the largest greenfield high-speed rail megaproject in the Baltics connecting three Baltic states with the EU’s core rail network corridor. The purpose of the presentation is to...
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Vaidas Ulenskas

OGC APIs in Practice: Geospatially Enabled Ecosystem for Europe (GeoE3)

GeoE3 is an European project for building an ecosystem for easy access to high-value datasets, leveraging the power of OGC APIs. Its main outcomes are the data integration platform and...
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Alpo Turunen
Hanno Kuus

Making sense of the data – Data analytics in public sector

The newly established Riga City Data Analytics team will talk about their upcoming plans on how to enable data-driven performance management in public sector. Download presentation slides
Edgars Indriksons

Optimisation of generalisation re-calculation using partitioning

GIS data changes every day. Requirement to generalise data more often is rising as well. We can optimise generalisation operators, but often forgotten way is to segment the dataset and...
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Tomas Straupis

Helping Humans in Vilnius with Computer Vision

We will present how we in Vilnius leverage drone footage and machine learning to help the citizens of this city. Our focus is on one set of models: our inhouse...
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Eligijus Bujokas

Building a Digital Twin with UAV LiDAR

From raw pointcloud to classified data and features extraction. Download presentation slides
Justina Kliukaite

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