Project name – Baltic Geospatial Information Technology Conference (BGITC)

Project description – The Baltic Geospatial Information Technology Conference (BGITC) is a unique co-operation initiative between Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian professional societies with the aim of organizing a regional geoinformatics event that would promote co-operation between the Baltic States. In addition to providing an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge and to explore market development opportunities, the most important goal is to create a common understanding and vision for the development of geoinformatics as a field in the Baltics region.

The aim of the project is to enable geoinformatics specialists in the Baltic region to share experiences, initiate joint cooperation projects and create a common understanding and vision for the development of geoinformatics. Besides that the aim is to introduce the solutions of various innovative Estonian companies and Estonia as a tourist destination.

Results – The conference organized in Tallinn provides a very good opportunity to direct the conference visitors to consume various tourism services in Tallinn and also in Estonia. The successful organization of another BalticGIT conference will definitely increase the brand awareness of this conference and it will become an event that specialists are waiting for every year. As the conference has a great emphasis on establishing contacts and communication, new cooperation opportunities and projects between GIS companies in the Baltic States are also expected.

Financed amount – 22 766,66€

Fund – This project is (co-)funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia.