Day 1
09 Mar 2022
Day 2
10 Mar 2022
Day 3
11 Mar 2022


Real-time usage of geospatial data, live videofeeds and AI for situational awareness and decision support in public safety

How pre-surveyed geospatial data and AI benefits incident response

As tech in Public Safety becomes more common, the key question is focusing on how to shape it to truly help first responsers. The digitalization of Emergency Services can enable...
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Alfonso Zamarro

Updates on street-level imagery for open mapping

This presentation is an exploration of street-level imagery and the role it plays improving maps. We’ll be looking at applications across various sectors including local government, humanitarian response, urban mobility,...
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Edoardo Neerhut (Mapillary)

Mapping the streets: from data collection to data-driven solutions for the city

Streets are of same importance for cities as blood-vessels for humans. Following this analogy, if we want our cities to be healthy and function smoothly, we must collect all kind...
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Rimantas Peciulis (Vilniaus Planas)
Donatas Gudelis (Vilniaus Planas)

GIS capabilities in public safety applications

Kaido Irdt (IT and Development Centre, Ministry of the Interior)

Shared ice thickness monitoring information benefits in public safety

Heiki Ivask (Estonian Police and Border Guard Board), Henrik Veenpere (Estonian Rescue Board)
Henrik Veenpere

KappaOne – catch the value of Sentinel-1 analysis-ready data (ARD)

Radar data remains under-utilised because it is still too complex for many potential beneficiaries to analyse and use. Numerous users prefer to focus on their data analytics, modelling or visualisation...
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Kaupo Voormansik (KappaZeta OÜ)

GIS Platform that Works in Our Favor, Not Against Us (INSPIRE in Estonia)

The Estonian Land Board has coordinated the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Estonia since the beginning of the Directive. There have been many different people involved with the process...
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Mart Randmäe, Kaire Veeperv (Estonian Land Board)

Breaking the boundaries – Ultra Wideband and GNSS positioning for industrial applications

Eliko is a global provider of Ultra Wideband positioning networks. We have an end-to-end system and focussing on providing reliable and accurate data to our customers.There is a growing need...
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Sander Ulp (ELIKO Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus OÜ)