Day 1
01 Jun 2022
Day 2
02 Jun 2022
Day 3
03 Jun 2022

Workshop – Geospatial data for route choice assistance and an route environmental exposure analytics

Our daily travel through the urban fabric exposes us to both beneficial and harmful environmental conditions, such as air quality, noise, temperature, greenery, water bodies, or scenery. Knowledge of the...
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Workshop – Connecting Satellite Data and Insights to Help Empower Users

OneAtlas – From high resolution satellite imagery to industry-specific insights, our vision is to empower users by getting accurate and reliable geospatial information where it’s needed as quick as possible....
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Lison Leonetti (Airbus)
Joe Cotti (Airbus)

Keynote speech – A new Geospatial Ecosystem – Beyond the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) concept

SDI concepts were first conceptualized in the late 1980s and early 1990s and were based on the notion of an infrastructure just in how railway, road or electricity infrastructures were...
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Alexander Kmoch (University of Tartu)
Bruce McCormack (EUROGI)

Using a Drone with on-board AI and GSM-Connectivity for Forest Fire Mapping

We mount machine vision modules on board of the drones and fly them connected to cellular networks. This allows us to detect the location of the fire without human input...
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A City digitalized in a month- case study of Oslo city project

Engages in 3D mapping technology – among other things, maps the routes of self-driving vehicles. Presentation: BalticGIT_MihkelLehtmets_KalevJulge
Kalev Julge (EyeVi Technologies)
Mihkel Lehtmets (EyeVi Technologies)

Improving forest fire hazard monitoring accuracy

So far Estonia is using Nesterov model for assessment of landscape fire hazard. Values are calculated in about 20 weather-stations and results are then interpolated to whole Estonia. The improvement...
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Tõnu Oja (Tartu Ülikool)

Roadside data to better practices – GIT in road consultancy

The lifecycle of streets and roads requires careful planning and thought-out construction followed by sensible maintenance. How to make this happen efficiently is something where Teede Tehnokeskus comes in. There...
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Tanel Jairus (Teede Tehnokeskus)

Finding paths and calculating ETA for emergency services

Experiences from building dynamic path finding solution for Emergency services. From ETA calculations to warnings about hazards on the road. Presentation: BalticGIT_Kaido_Irdt
Kaido Irdt (IT and Development Centre, Ministry of the Interior)

Updates on street-level imagery for open mapping

This presentation is an exploration of street-level imagery and the role it plays improving maps. We’ll be looking at applications across various sectors including local government, humanitarian response, urban mobility,...
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Edoardo Neerhut (Mapillary)

Mapping the streets: from data collection to data-driven solutions for the city

Streets are of same importance for cities as blood-vessels for humans. Following this analogy, if we want our cities to be healthy and function smoothly, we must collect all kind...
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Rimantas Peciulis (Vilniaus Planas)
Donatas Gudelis (Vilniaus Planas)

Building navigation and routing solution for emergency vehicles

A new solution for navigation and route planning for emergency vehicles which considers specific needs (i.e., ignoring restrictions), historic transport intensity data and live-traffic restrictions, based on open-source technologies and...
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Dāvis Valters Immurs (Jana Seta)

Map enabling smart solutions for an autonomous on-demand transportation project

Experiences from the on-demand transportation project carried out in Tartu during April 2022 will be shared. People were able to book their everyday travels online and the service was provided...
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Edgar Sepp (Autonomous Driving Lab of University of Tartu)

Digitalization of power lines using drones

In June 2021, Hepta digitized medium voltage power lines in Portugal. 1000 kilometers of RGB and IR photo collection, LiDAR mapping, analysis, and presentation of all data in our developed...
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Eduard Vainu (Hepta Airborne)

Enabling Informed Decisions with Earth Observation products from European Space Imaging

European Space Imaging is the only European satellite data provider operating its own ground station for direct satellite tasking and local data uplink and downlink to Maxar’s fleet of satellites....
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Arnaud Durand (European Space Imaging)

OneAtlas – a new paradigm for accessing satellite imagery

OneAtlas provides access to Airbus’ satellite imagery, innovative geospatial analytics and industry-specific insights. From everywhere at anytime with OneAtlas you can obtain autonomously up-to-date data and launch analytical process to...
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Joe Cotti (Airbus)

What you didn’t know about Uber H3 – State-of-play in Open Source Discrete Global Grid Systems

Uber’s H3 Hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system ( is actually a Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS). DGGS are spatial reference systems that use a hierarchical tessellation of cells to partition...
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Alexander Kmoch (University of Tartu)

The carbon-free future of world freight transport

The logistics sector plays a vital role in the supply chains that lie at the heart of the global economy. Logistics’ climate impact is large and growing. Comprising 23% of...
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Jaak Laineste (Sixfold)

Global commitment, local action: how satellite imagery data help Azerbaijan to combat climate change

At Azercosmos, Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan we are the leading force behind the development of innovative space ecosystem in Azerbaijan, and are committed to creating a better...
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Dilara Baylarova (Azercosmos)

Traffic analysis using TomTom MOVE and Mobile Mapping

Traffic pattern in the city is heavily impacted by multiple factors. Time of the day, events in the city, epidemiological situation, all these events have impact on our daily mobility....
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Urszula Dabrowska (TomTom)
Mile Milkovski (Tom Tom)

Aeronautical Charting

Presentation: BalticGIT_Inger_Paroll
Inger Paroll (Estonian Air Navigation Services)

Smart Solutions for Agriculture & Forestry Soil Moisture Measurement

The presentation will cover the Planet products with a focus on Agricultural and Forestry monitoring. We will also go into the new Planetary variables which cover a number of topics, including...
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Rhodri Phillips (Planet)

Technological trends in teaching cartography and GIS for today’s needs

In this presentation we will introduce the new concept of teaching cartography and GIS in Vilnius University. The teaching program is covering thematics from use of open source GIS tools...
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Andrius Balciunas (Vilnius University, Lithuanian Cartographic Society)

The Dutch 5D approach on how to become a data driven Railway Company, Geospatial data is key!

Robert Voûte, Vice President Consulting at CGI Netherlands, shares his experience on how he, together with ProRail, first set up a way of thinking on how geospatial information will become...
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Robert Voute (CGI Netherlands)

Navigating the unstructured

Milrem UGVs are meant to be driven in unstructured environments be it the nature or in the rapidly changing urban landscapes. Developing positioning and navigational solutions for smart functionalities reveals...
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Janek Press (Milrem)

Digitizing railways: A long time collaboration between ProRail and CGI’s GIS team

Rob Udink, Geo-ICT Consultant and System Architect at CGI Netherlands,  will share an animated story on how we as CGI have developed a few important GIS applications for ProRail on...
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Rob Udink (CGI Netherlands)

Social event

The conference social event will take place in the same building as the conference itself. You will have an hour of stretching pause after the official program and then you...
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BIM & 3D Digital Twins combined

A short overview of our latest developments worldwide showing how openBIM & openGIS can really help improving quality and speed of your work. Presentation: BalticGIT_Rick_Klooster
Rick Klooster (Future Insight BV)

Estonian 3D Digital Twin – Bridging the Gap Between GIS and BIM

Presentation: BalticGIT Jaan Saar
Jaan Saar (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication)

Breaking the boundaries – Ultra Wideband and GNSS positioning for industrial applications

Eliko is a global provider of Ultra Wideband positioning networks. We have an end-to-end system and focussing on providing reliable and accurate data to our customers.There is a growing need...
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Sander Ulp (ELIKO Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus OÜ)

A Year of Innovation: 3D Data Available from Estonian Land Board

2021 was an exceptional year in Estonia in the field of 3D geodata: Estonian Land Board and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications revealed two 3D web applications with countrywide...
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Hanno Kuus (Estonian Land Board)

You don’t need a map

For a few years I have been interested in cartographic UX. How to use maps on mobile devices, and how can we do away with layers and zooming buttons. In...
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Ilja Zverev (Wheely)

GIS and BIM in planning and construction, samples presented with Sova 3D City Model projects

Building permits, BIM models, 3D city models & 3D GIS and how to use those as a part of construction process
Petteri Kokko (Sova 3D)

The STs of PostGIS

Welcome to the wonderland of data processing in SQL. In this medley kind of presentation we will look at some (hopefully) funny and some more serious examples of the power...
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Tõnis Kärdi (LonLat OÜ/UEC OÜ)

Innovating urban transformation through augmented reality, BIM and digital twins

Robert Ylitalo, VP Head pf innovation & Transformation Scandinavia, will share the story how the geospatial data, IoT, 5G all come together in the context of augmented reality, BIM and...
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Robert Ylitalo (CGI Sweden)

ForestRadar Alert Service to Secure Your Forest Property

Businesses, like contractors or forest companies need actionable information, alerting them whenever attention is required. And a private forest owner will never have the time to engage with the world...
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Andrejs Grisanovs (Baltic Satellite Service)
Ilze Barga (Baltic Satellite Service)

KappaOne – catch the value of Sentinel-1 analysis-ready data (ARD)

Radar data remains under-utilised because it is still too complex for many potential beneficiaries to analyse and use. Numerous users prefer to focus on their data analytics, modelling or visualisation...
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Kaupo Voormansik (KappaZeta OÜ)

The information system for the built environment and data interoperability in Finland

The ministry of the environment of Finland in cooperation with The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is currently building a build a national data information system of the built environment. The...
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Juhana Rautiainen (Finnish Ministry of the Environment)

Insar – Layers of movement

Satellite based Interferometric SAR (InSAR) is a novel remote sensing method that detects object movements in millimeter scale, around the Globe. These movements illustrate ground deformation, that is caused by...
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Anti Gruno (Datel AS)

Vilnius City “second floor”

People innovate, come up with and create things that benefit us all. However, cities play a key role in innovation, providing the necessary ecosystem to allow ideas to spread, take...
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Simas Sodys (Vilniaus planas)

Future opportunities with open city development

Here at Citify we believe that sustainable cities can only be achieved by partnerships between people, governments and businesses. This is why we are developing a platform, which enables easy...
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Edmundas Jankauskas (Citify)

ESTHUB – the future of GIS powered Earth observation

Launched at the Estonian Land Board in May 2019 the mission of ESTHub ( is innovation. ESTHub has a wide variety of usage options – starting from Calvalus for dedicated...
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Database of network facilities in the National Register of Buildings

The building register (Ehitisregister, EHR) has been created and developed on the basis of building-specific indicators, and the objects in its database are suitable for describing buildings and building-like structures...
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Open geospatial data for solar energy projects

How we made it possible to calculate solar energy potential of every roof in Estonia. Presentation: BalticGIT_Natalya_Volgusheva
Natalya Volgusheva (Rexplorer OÜ)

Maptionnaire: The digital heart for building cities together

Whose voice matters and what knowledge counts? Creating sustainable processes for involvement and engagement in communication, planning and decision making.” I am originally a Theoretical Physicist and I am interested...
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GIS Platform that works in our favor, not against us (INSPIRE in Estonia)

The Estonian Land Board has coordinated the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Estonia since the beginning of the Directive. There have been many different people involved with the process...
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Mart Randmäe, Kaire Veeperv (Estonian Land Board)